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Keeping Your Workforce Safe And Competent

Industrial Automation Training

Industrial automation technology is growing rapidly in all sectors of industry fuelled by a relentless pressure to increase production efficiencies & decrease costs.

Nexus Training specialises in the provision of customised industrial training solutions for Industry.

At Nexus Training, our training specialists focus on the skills required of your workforce and trains them accordingly.


All training is 'customised' to deliver the skills required of the client.

Our experienced engineers will assist you to determine the relevant training outcomes - regardless of skill level, for both engineering and support staff.

A customised training plan derived from the training outcomes will be submitted for acceptance before training delivery. In this way, the client always knows what is being provided and learners are assessed accordingly.

All training delivery is completely flexible allowing you to schedule your staff training around production commitments.

Customised training outcomes result in your staff being trained on what they need to support their job function.


Based on the specific customised training outcomes and in conjunction with client personnel, our qualified workplace assessors will build a suitably blended training package; these can be from any of the following modules:‐

All assessments are conducted on the actual engineering system components (either modern or legacy) deployed at the client's site.

Competency based outcomes ensure that appropriate skills & knowledge are targeted.


All training is 'customised' to client/site requirements at no additional cost. Each training course includes all site specific skills and knowledge regardless of the system vendor, connected in a simulated 'live' environment.

This allows the troubleshooting and support outcomes designed into the training being conducted 'as is' on site and therefore gives learners familiarity with actual site systems & software.

Wherever possible, client specific policies such as Bridging & Forcing, change management policies and other procedures can be built into the training to endorse your safe working practices etc.

Client specific training reduces the learner's time to competence on site automation systems - helping the workforce become 'Safe & Competent' in a timely manner.