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Keeping Your Workforce Safe And Competent

About Nexus Training

Who, What & Why...

Nexus Training is a technically specialised training organisation it's National Training Manager, Glen Barnes, is focussed on the training of engineering and support staff tasked with supporting modern industrial automation systems.

Nexus Training has offices located in Australia and New Zealand.

Glen Barnes - National Training Manager

Glen BarnesGlen Barnes

Glen was educated in the UK and worked as an electrical engineer in the chemical industry before migrating to Western Australia in 1993.

Glen has over 35 years of practical experience in Electrical Engineering, Process Control & Industrial Automation fields, including 10 years within the UK chemical industry and 20 years in Australian/New Zealand mining, ports, on/offshore and manufacturing industries. He has extensive experience in the deployment of industrial automation systems, safety engineering, instrumentation and electrical systems in such industries, and with the design of communication & industrial automation systems for use in hazardous areas.

Over recent years he has been passionately involved in the design & delivery of competency based industrial automation training systems and Nexus Training is the new identity to move this business forward. Nexus Training specialises in customising workshops to meet specific training needs using actual hardware and software systems in a realistic work based simulated environment, thus decreasing the time learners spend to achieve competence on site automation systems.

Glen has the following relevant workplace qualifications:

  • Cert IV TAA40104 with TAE40110 endorsement - workplace trainer & assessor
  • Certified Industrial Ethernet & Profibus Communications Engineer/Installer
  • Certified ISA 84 Safety Fundamentals Specialist
  • Certified Machine Safety Expert (CMSE®)

Glen is also a practicing Senior Process & Machine Safety Consultant with SRCS, a NATA ISO 17020 Inspection Body who are currently working on a number of 'skill' based functional safety certification courses.

What we do

Today we conduct training on:

  1. PLC/PAC systems including Modicon, Rockwell, Siemens and GE.
  2. HMI systems including Citect, Wonderware and Proficy iFix, RSView32 & WinCC along with hardware based panels and dataliners.
  3. Industrial Communications' systems particularly Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP), Profibus DP/PA, Devicenet & CAN based systems. OPC driver variants & FDT/DTM is now also incorporated into the training.
  4. SCADA - Radio/Telemetry principles and RTU/PLCs interfacing compliments the automation concept for systems communicating over long distances.
  5. Safety Automation covering the fundamentals of functional safety, Machine & Process safety standards and new familiarisation training program.
  6. Drives with significant emphasis on VVVF systems and their various technologies and applications. ABB, Danfoss, AB, =SE= systems are utilised in the training.


All training is customised to client's requirements

All training is 'customised' to our client's requirements/site. This effort typically involves determining the training outcomes for engineering and support staff (including the brand, design and specifics of control systems deployed), building an appropriate competency based training system and delivering the training at the required competence level to engineering & support staff.

The training and assessment is conducted on the actual systems deployed on the specific site using that site’s PLC/Comms hardware & 'standard' control system logic in a simulated 'live' environment. This allows the troubleshooting and support outcomes designed into the training being conducted 'as is' on site. In this way, learners gain familiarity with actual site systems & software and thus reduce their time to competence on site automation systems while we keep both plant and staff safe from harm.

Why we do it

Keep your workforce safe and competent

Today, most organisations will have their industrial automation needs fulfilled by a selection of technology vendors whose control systems, hardware & software components, communications and human machine interface offerings are integrated into a particular production solution at the client's site.

Typically, site control system technologies today may be from a selection of vendors and include both modern and legacy hard/soft-ware components. This presents a problem for training as each vendor will only train on their offerings. This often results in many training programs being undertaken to cover the scope of the utilised systems and at some cost to the client, fails to contextualise the system(s) the learner is designing or maintaining.

This is where Nexus Training provides its core services. All our senior trainers/engineers are chosen for their varied experience and enthusiasm and, as such, are well placed to provide customised training around the specific systems deployed at site; regardless of whom the vendors are and always targeting the content and level the training needs to impart.

Welcome to our industrial automation training – Competence by design.