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Communications Training Courses


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Comms Training
Our Industrial Communications training courses will introduce the relevant concepts, terminology and standards and offer extensive practical configuration of any communication system adopted across your site. This includes proprietary and open communication systems. The learning outcomes are derived from your specific requirements guided by our certified engineers. Wherever practicable, we can utilise your software, installation standards and practices to replicate working systems in the training room thus allowing your or your personnel to hone their skills on configuration and maintenance.


Understand to install relevant device files & drivers

Nominal Duration:
Level and content dependent - Typically 2 - 3 days.

Who will benefit:
Intended for electricians and technicians involved in the installation, application and troubleshooting of Profibus DP based networks and devices.

A knowledge of basic networking techniques, PLC based applications & industrial automation concepts.

Course Objective:
To bring trainees up to speed with industrial communication technologies, theory and installation practises in order for them to design, install and commission Ethernet/Profibus DP & PA based system components associated with industrial automation and control.


Learn to troubleshoot common industrial communication systems

Learning Outcomes are client specific but typically include the learners:-

  • Understanding Ethernet & Profibus variations, theory and operation.
  • Understanding the building blocks associated with communication technologies.
  • Understanding and installing relevant device files & drivers.
  • Being able to design, build and test industrial communication networks.
  • Being able to couple systems such as Ethernet, Profibus, and CAN based networks.
  • Understanding relevant physical configurations of such systems.
  • Utilising the relevant communication tools, testers & application software.
  • Having a working knowledge of common industrial communication protocols.
  • Being able to troubleshoot common industrial communication systems.
  • Understanding the difference between CAN, CSMA/CD & Token Passing systems.
  • Being able to modify, extend and troubleshoot industrial Networks.
  • Utilising Protocol Analysis techniques with Wireshark, ProfiTrace 2.x etc.
  • Isolating and analysing Profibus protocol problems with ProfiTrace 2.x.
  • Predicting determinism characteristics.
  • Understanding the implementation of industrial communications in hazardous areas.
  • Implementing site specific architectures.