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Drives Training Courses


Learn to install and commission AC drives

VSD Drives & motors theory & Practice
This Drive course is designed to enable personnel involved in the installation and maintenance of variable speed drives (VSD) units to correctly set them up, maintain and carry out effective fault-finding on the systems. The extensive practical content is supported by good theory and application details while avoiding sales related information.


Learn to troubleshoot fault codes

Drives Workshop

Nominal Duration:
Level and content dependent - Typically 2 days.

Who will benefit:
Trades and maintenance personnel exposed to industrial plant systems.
Engineers and graduates who need to install or commission AC drives.

A basic knowledge of industrial automation concepts & electronics.

Course Objective:
To deliver AC/DC drive system installation, start up, operation and maintenance competencies to Electrical/Instrumentation/Automation personnel.


Learn to install and maintain vvvf units

Learning Outcomes are client specific but typically include the learners:-

  • Demonstrating the safe handling of three phase AC inverter drives.
  • Understanding what an AC drive is and how it works.
  • Appreciating vector drive characteristics.
  • Reviewing the squirrel cage motor principles.
  • Relating to the operation and handling of industrial electronics components.
  • Relating to the different product technologies and options available for the drive.
  • Understanding the various characteristics the drive can be configured to.
  • Understanding the four quadrant control concept.
  • Understanding torque speed curves for various applications.
  • Using the programming feature to enter basic logic.
  • Utilising software configuration tools to set up the drive.
  • Appreciating pump and fan based applications and setting up appropriately.
  • Installing a variable speed drive such as ABB 800 series unit.
  • Understanding the drive’s components and board functions.
  • Correctly interfacing to the drive’s control panel.
  • Parameterising the drive’s configuration.
  • Updating the firmware in the variable speed drive.
  • Troubleshooting the fault codes triggered in the drive.
  • Differentiating between the control/power faults on the unit.
  • Connecting the drive to an appropriate fieldbus network such as Profibus DP.
  • Understanding the principles behind motor management controllers such as Simocode and TeSysT from Siemens and Schneider Electric respectively.
  • Controlling the drive from a PLC .