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HMI Training Courses


Understand PLC/HMI integration concepts

HMI Training
Our HMI (Human Machine Interface) training courses go hand in hand with the PLC training. The training can be based on popular hardware platforms such as Magelis, Red Lion, PanelView, Simatic HMI etc. or be based on the popular SCADA HMI platforms such as Citect, iFix & Wonderware, Cimplicity, RSView or WinCC. We can even capture screens from your system to base the workshop on.


Our courses usually last 2 - 4 days

Nominal Duration:
Level and content dependent - Typically 2 - 4 days.

Who will benefit:
Electricians, Engineers and graduates who need to install, commission or modify HMI systems.

A basic knowledge of industrial automation concepts and the automation system the HMI will connect to.

Course Objective:
To deliver HMI system competencies to Electrical/Instrument/Automation personnel.


Client specific learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes are client specific but typically include the learners:-

  • Relating to utilised HMI panels & software technology at the workplace.
  • Being able to make modifications to HMI Panels & Screens.
  • Relating to corporate & Industrial Information systems.
  • Appreciating the selection and application of HMI technology for office & plant.
  • Correctly installing, configuring & modifying HMI hardware/software.
  • Understanding PLC/HMI integration concepts.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of serial based data communications.
  • Setting up HMI server & clients over relevant network such as Ethernet.
  • Transferring programs to and from a HMI system (Panel or Software).
  • Interfacing the HMI device to a site based PLC system.
  • Learning the application environment used to configure the HMI.
  • Developing graphics, trends, alarms and data sources for run time.
  • Relating to HMI standards and good practice for tag, colours, objects development etc.
  • Utilising embedded templates and graphical objects.
  • Creating and capturing real-time and historic trend data.
  • Creating users, privileges and security objects in projects.
  • Utilising scripting to enhance project design such as Cicode & Visual Basic.
  • Learning how to apply conditional scripting such as If/Then/Else statements, For & While loops, arrays etc.
  • Demonstrating a logical approach to troubleshooting HMI connectivity.
  • Understanding the importance of emulation & simulation present in the system.
  • Using the HMI to troubleshoot and diagnose typical site based PLC automation problems in the field.
  • Gaining practical experience configuring HMI operator panels such as Magellis, Redlion, or Panelview etc.
  • Interpreting a functional specification to configures a HMI system that connects directly to a live site based PLC/Communications system.